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Is virtual the new face-to-face?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

One thing that we have learned from the pandemic of 2020 is the need for people to feel connected. With months of isolation, a shutdown of community and loss of jobs, we have learned what is truly essential in life.

Now, as we begin returning to work and for the unforeseeable future, attempting to rebuild our economy, Establishing meaningful connections and relationships has prevailed but with new challenges.

Welcome to the business world of Virtual Sales teams!

Due to one of the most significant and historic pandemics in history, business and professional sales teams, customized to being face to face, entirely ceased. The need to get back to work and the awareness that all business owners will need to get creative with ways to keep themselves and others safe at the same time does require intentional processes to support the human need for connection.

Sales teams typically used to travel, networking events and face to face meetings have flipped into a world of Virtual. Being virtual and working remotely from home presents new challenges for sales teams, usually characterized as extroverted, outgoing, driven, highly motivated by social events and networking opportunities. Remote work and virtual sales teams may help everyone stay safe and healthy, but are they an effective way to help you execute a professional presence to meet your sales quota?

Encouraging your sales team forward to virtual will be great for them and great for your business. Your organization may be able to leverage a cost-effective way to save the company money in the long hall. It is easier to make financial targets with a virtual workforce design.

Offering the opportunity to cut the expenses report significantly (limiting travel costs, expense cards, wining and dining clients, etc.) and spread sales territories geographically more expansively, enables teams to reach new targets. This new virtual workforce design increase productivity. Salesforce productivity can also increase from a work remotely or work from home arrangement.

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