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Important Resume Tips

There are numerous considerations when a potential candidate is crafting an attention-seeking resume. The presentation, layout and content needs to grab the attention of the hiring manager, while maintaining professionalism and appropriateness for the position.

It’s crucial for your resume to catch the eye of the hiring manager as they will often only take a passing glance. Attention is the key term. Why? Many hiring managers will receive hundreds of applicants for certain positions. Why should the hiring manager keep reading?

Let’s be honest. Everybody who applies to a job will likely possess the required credentials to succeed in the role. Therefore, the hiring manager will likely consider the potential fit through internally answering critical questions.


What previous experiences and training are relevant for the position?

Resumes should be catered. The skillset and information needs to be relevant to the advertised position and potential employer. What’s the use of detailing strong proficiency in photoshop for an accountant job? That’s most-likely irrelevant. Instead, explain any accomplishments or solved problems in similar positions. Add a summary of responsibilities and projects that you’re really proud of instead of regurgitating previous experiences. These things feed the seed of passion that was planted earlier. Hiring managers are interested in potential employee’s passions, experiences and problem-solving skills.

What educational degrees or credentials does a candidate possess?

Most positions requires some college-level program or developmental course. However, hiring managers will look for some validation of the listed skills and experiences. Many people would rather not highlight their educational certificates and credentials on the website but it highlights advanced-learning and developmental skills.

Who is the candidate outside of the company?

A resume will give the hiring manager insight on the candidate’s personality. It’s easy to connect the dots. If the language in the resume’s content reads as arrogant or crude, the hiring manager will likely assume the candidate is arrogant or crude. That’s why it’s important to highlight things like relevant volunteer work or passion-projects. It gives the hiring manager an opportunity to learn about your passions outside of the office, match values and determine the fit of the potential candidate.


Keep in mind, 90 per cent of resumes are boring formulas without endearing qualities. In all reality, it should act a representation of who the candidate. It’s an opportunity to detail previous experiences and personality that will strongly translate to the potential employer.

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