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Hire them and Keep them

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

So you have seen the applications, done the hiring process, found your talent.

Whew! Now you can move on and focus on your business!

Sadly, not exactly.

While getting the employees is one thing, another massive issue in this industry is an employer nightmare.

Keeping them.

The process of finding talent to get the job done is time-consuming and at times, frustrating and daunting. To go to all that trouble, you want to know there is a strategy in place to keep them.

Even beyond the hiring process, there are processes and training needed to get an employee comfortable and equipped to work independently and perform effectively. New employees need to learn your business, learn your policies and procedures, follow through on required training and safety measures, meet colleagues, and settle into their new role with ongoing support.

That feels like a big waste of time when they don’t stick around. There are many reasons that employees don’t stay; they range from the pay, logistics and convenience, relationship problems with managers or peers, and corporate culture. But the most common reason employees leave their jobs is because they didn’t learn new skills and were not challenged.

It turns out that we crave employment that requires us to learn and grow. It fuels our motivation. It is an inherent need.

Here are our top 5 tips for investing in your employees need for growth and learning, inevitably optimizing your ability to retain them for the long haul.

  1. Begin the investment in the interview process

During the interview, probe with open-ended questions that ignite the potential passion in your potential employee. Ask about a time they learned a valuable lesson in a workplace environment, when they had to teach someone else or what their learning preferences are. Find out what their long term career goals are, and if they don’t have those mapped out, commit to supporting them to do so.

  1. Provide mentoring opportunities

Investing in the learning and growth opportunities goes far beyond watching training videos. Partner up or delegate a one-on-one person to be the go-to person to create a sense of belonging and seek out the development opportunities for new employees. Good employees need to be identified and then nurtured in mentoring ways to retain them.

  1. Advocate for them

There is nothing more rewarding than having someone advocate on your behalf. Believing in your employee’s development and then seeking opportunities to develop, gain skills, and be part of a collaborative initiative will help a new employee feel valued and part of the organization’s mission.

4. Challenge them

Employees who feel underutilized and not being challenged will digress into behaviours that manifest as boredom and unmotivated. Purpose is part of life, and ideally part of every person’s livelihood at work in terms of feeling committed to their company long-term. Ensure that you are continually providing opportunities to grow their skills, grow personally and learn new things that they are actually interested in.

5. Value their Voice

Checking in with your employees regularly is vital to retention. Creating an environment that values opinions and suggestions is always a great way to help new employees feel listened to and heard. Get to know your employee’s experience, encourage them to share, and find out what knowledge they could bring to your workplace. Include and invite them to be part of business decisions, operations and to enhance their workplace culture.

The challenge of retention won’t be going away. Still, forward-thinking companies who are people-focused more than business-focused will save time and money by investing in intentional retention efforts.

And you will likely see the domino effect of a more positive work environment in the process!

Curious about how to get started with radical retention processes? Let’s connect!

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