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First Hire gives back

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

First Hire’s recruitment mandate is to support companies in their hiring process by matching great candidates with great companies. We support companies and candidates in a wide range of industries, all of which have been seriously affected by this pandemic. These industries include Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace, manufacturing and Logistics.

We are struggling along with you. We are in it together.

In times where work and the economy have taken a monumental dive due to COVID19, we seek out focused ways to deliver to our Communities the support they need.

The most authentic example of this during these unprecedented times is through the donation of N95 medical masks.

In our role as recruitment coordinators for businesses and job seekers, we have offered N95 protection masks as needed in our own business. We are staying true to our goal to be continually responsive in supporting business. First Hire had a resourceful supply of masks intended for our partners, so when the pandemic hit, we chose to donate them. These much-needed masks we have for our partners and gave them as we hear of needs to others, including to a nurse to share at Cambridge Hospital.

In a world where stock and supply are feared to be in demand for such things, it could be argued that we could have kept these masks for our own uses once business returns to the new normal. First Hire Inc. wants our employers back in business and cannot wait to help candidates see opportunities for jobs.

It all starts with us doing our part. For us, that includes keeping our healthcare workers fighting this battle safely.

Delivering help and compassion is the foundation of our business vision. And that is essential too.

Knowing business will never ultimately return to normal calls for ongoing vigilance to equip and support every industry. Going forward, we will launch and implement the policies and protection for every employee going forward.

Our business Delivers talent so you can focus on your business.

Our business also delivers help, so front line workers can continue to keep us safe.

And that is essential.

Partner up with a business that accomplishes both.

If you have questions about how to work with us, reach out!

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