First Hire Inc, Your local Canadian Recruitment Firm! 

We deliver the talent so you can focus on your business!

Whether you're an employer looking for a new permanent full time employee or a new contract employee for a short term vacancy, we can help! 

We specialize in matching great companies with great candidates!

We take the time to learn your business and needs to match you with exceptional candidates!

First Hire also offers a variety of payroll services for any need

Are you looking for a new career?  Are you looking to make a change?

Unemployed and need help?

We can help!

We work with leading companies in the area and can help you with your next career move


Our team of recruiters work closely with candidates and employers to make the right match!



First Hire Inc is a full service recruitment firm who specializes in full time positions, contract positions, and payroll services

We deliver talent, so you can focus on your business! A professional organization that works with you to understand your needs and make the right match



Tel: 289 309 4200

Fax: 289 768 2200


761 Brant St, Suite 105

Burlington, Ontario, L7R 2H7

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